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SR50 Chartiers Creek
Bridge Widening

The Allegheny County, Upper St. Clair Township structure of Chartiers Creek was widened from four lanes to seven lanes using Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) techniques as part of a PennDOT improvement in beginning in 2021 and concluding early in 2023.  PennStress produced (8) massive Precast Concrete Deck Modules that were cast on Steel Beams as well as (8) Precast Concrete Abutment Caps and (8) Precast Concrete Sleeper Slabs.  The Precast Concrete Deck Modules were each 129.25 feet long and weighed between 110 and 123 tons which included the weight of the steel beams, precast diaphragms, and precast concrete barriers.  The offsite precast manufacturing allowed this major structure to be replaced in three weekend shutdowns.

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Project Photos

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In The News

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