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Total Precast Bridges

PennStress produces a multitude of total Precast Bridge Element System (PBES) products to support Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) projects. Common PBES product lines include but are not limited to: precast footings, piers, abutment walls, wing walls, deck slabs, abutment and pier caps, approach slabs, sleeper slabs, parapets, beam bearing seats, prestressed beams, prefabricated modular bridge deck units, and other various products.  These pieces have ranged from beam seats to continuous span deck modules on spliced steel beams over 200’ in length.  Total PBES concrete bridge structures have several advantages as a delivery system, most of which include plant cast quality and many direct, and indirect, gains from the significant time savings of accelerated construction.

SR 0183 over I-78 Berks County, PA

Deck Module on Box Beams

Deck Module on Bulb Tees

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